Election program

1. More communication, less anonimity

Intensified academic guidance enables students to address their experiences and challenges with professionals. This exchange strengthens the support students require during their final year coursework and the graduation process. This creates a personal bond between staff and students, eventually preparing them for a successful life after university. Furthermore, working in small groups incentivises improved performance by students. It is the opinion of Progressief Rechten, that this approach needs to be enlarged to bachelor courses with low passing rate.

3. Study stress reduction

The University of Groningen is known for its high standard of education, which the University seeks to maintain through its high demands on the students. This brings out the best in many of us but can be exceedingly stressful for some students. Progressief Rechten desires to make the Faculty aware of the fact that an increasing number of students suffers from severe study stress, without having access to a contact person. Those students deserve the support of the Faculty. We are of the opinion that the Law Faculty needs to actively decrease study stress by offering detailed information on how to deal with stress symptoms in order to prevent stress-related drop-outs.

2. Practical skills

Theoretical knowledge is not the only component needed in order to succeed as a lawyer. Practical skills such as debating and experience in moot court competitions are highly beneficial for law students. We believe, that the Faculty must consider to incorporate those soft skills into the academic education, focusing on the qualities law firms wish to see in their potential employees. Practical assessments on a regular basis will prepare law students for the challenges that face them in the future. Student associations already offer moot court competitions independently, but their quality can be expanded by the assistance of the Faculty. If student associations and the Faculty work together, the potential will be used to the fullest in the interest of all law students.

4. Digitalisation

Digitalisation is currently a significant topic and it is of importance that the law faculty conforms to the fast pace of digital developments. At present, there is room for improvement. Study materials must be easily accessible in an online study environment. Progressief Rechten wishes to guide the Faculty to use more online materials such as books, as this will benefit students and Faculty alike by enhancing the overall quality of studying. Much of the assigned reading comes with expensive literature, not all can afford. If online versions would be available, it is the student’s decision whether or not to purchase the hard copy version, and everyone has access to the most relevant information. This, combined with video clips explaining the most challenging topics would ultimately increase the study quality in a digitalised environment.

5. Focus on courses with a low passing rate

In particular courses with a low passing rate and an increased level of complaints deserve greater attention. It should not be the responsibility of the students to make the lecturers aware of recurring issues if it’s known that the course is considerably challenging. Progressief Rechten thus speaks for the students by addressing those courses together with the lecturers. Furthermore, students that take the time to fill out course specific questionnaires deserve to receive updates concerning the developments of the course. Students need to know what exactly is expected of them. Hence, Progressief Rechten aims to achieve clear learning outcomes in those courses to guide the students through the challenge.

6. Video lectures

Providing students an education that allows for flexibility has been a priority of Progressief Rechtens ever since. Video lectures provide students the opportunity to align their studies with extracurricular activities, such as internships or work. Video lectures thus make studying more effective as well as time efficient. It also gives students the possibility to study in their own pace, which is particularly useful in relation to more demanding material.

7. More options to combine different bachelor or master programs

At this moment, it is only possible to combine the Dutch law masters adequately. ProgressiefRechten aims to change that students that take two masters need to write two master thesis’s tofinish both master degrees. Additionally, we will strive to align the exam timetables in a way that overlapping exams are being avoided in order to enable students to finish their combined master degrees without study delay.